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A Total Business Solution

Engineered to offer a cost effective solution for small to medium sized businesses by providing a single product that combines a highly configurable public web application, CRM and multi-seat back office portal for your staff

Website + backoffice in 1 

Get started with the latest technology - a public facing website and a back office website portal for knowledge management by your internal staff

no hidden costs

We have a very simple price model, There is one up-front charge and that's it, all modules, tools, database CRM, shop etc are included at no extra cost including 20 user seat licence

We have two pricing levels - visit our pricing page and choose the level that best fits your needs


All features are included at no additional cost


Update your website to the latest cross platform environment. Your websites are responsive and will appear on most devices including desktop/mobile/tablet as you would expect

highly configurable

Extend Workspace, create new custom Entities, e.g. Assets/Work Packages, create new or custom pages,  code c#/razor, forms/data tables for your unique data requirements and solution.

Scheduled Tasks

Automate regular tasks ranging from reminders using email/sms to system functions like overnight jobs and the import/export of data or report generation.


Send regular or occasional newsletters to a specific target audience, (feature is included as standard at no additional cost)

KPI's and Charts

Easily create and view your Business KPI's helping you keep track and monitor your primary business functions, Use Enterprise Workspace powerful tools to help you bring your business idea to life


Use the Online Shop to sell your products & services. There is an option import to bulk import from file.  No additional charges are required for this feature.


Manage information about either your customers, suppliers, manufacturers or service providers,  e.g. electricity company, accountant, electrician, builder etc


Attached to an Organisation can be any number of contacts. Contacts can be internal  (e.g. account manager), or external from the organisation itself like customers or suppliers


Simply create a new lead and assign a client and contact and Workspace will keep track of any progress and report back to the assigned contact.


Convert your lead into a Customer Or Project use Workspace to identify and track future opportunities with that entity. Everything from selling a hammer to building a house.


Creating a Project to define a job break it down into smaller bite size portions each of which can be task managed by Contacts and Organisations within a specified time frame. 


Create Actions against any entity and attach a priority/completion date. Additionally then allocate/delegate this task to a contact. Attach URL’s and other supporting documentation.

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Call us now and we can usually get you up and running the same day, or if you prefer we can discuss custom ideas and requirements that you have and how Enterprise Workspace can help provide a solution.




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